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Top 5 fun activities to do in Dapoli

Blessed with beautiful beaches, Dapoli is a perfect destination in Maharashtra for summer holidays. There are many attractive places to visit in Dapoli such as Karde Beach, Suvarnadurg & Kanakdurg Forts, Harnai Beach and Vithal Temple. Be it adventurous activities or visiting the temples, the place has something for everyone. Let us see below the top five fun activities to do in Dapoli-

Water Sports

Water sports are one of the best things to do in Dapoli. People can enjoy various water sports such as jet ski rides, banana rides, bumper rides, and parasailing. Other than that, Palande beach is also ideal to take a walk on soft white sand or admire the sunset with your loved ones.

Hot Spring


Known for its healing characteristics, people can also visit the Hot Spring in Dapoli. One can enjoy the hot water bath, which has medicinal properties that is believed to cure all kinds of skin diseases. It is also considered as a sacred place where one has to visit barefoot before entering the premises.


The lush green surroundings will simply leave you amazed in Dapoli. It has many ideal places for sightseeing and planning picnics with your family. The places such as Suvarnadurg Fort, Panhalekaji Caves, Kanakadurg and Fatehgarh Fort and Goa fort are worth paying a visit whenever you’re in town.


The serene forest of Dapoli is the perfect spot for trekkers as it is surrounded by mountains. One of the most famous spots is the way that leads to Madangad Fort. With its densely forested path and muddy trail, the fort attracts adventure seekers from all over the world.

Dolphin watch

When you’re done with the adventure activities, watching dolphins can bring a fresh change in your routine. The best time to do it is early in the morning when dolphin ventures close to the coastline. If you’re new to the place, there’s nothing to worry about as rides to the coast are easily available along with the local guide to assist you.

Planning a vacation to Dapoli is now fairly easy as you can find a perfect accommodation at Fern Samali Resort. With 16 luxurious cottages and 22 elegant rooms, the resort is one of the best places to stay in Dapoli. It takes just a minute’s drive to reach Dapoli beach from this resort. Mumbaikar or not, this destination is surely going to be on top of your vacation list.

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