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Find out what are the Most Famous Foods in Mumbai?

Find out what are the Most Famous Foods in Mumbai? 

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a center of economic activity and the city is adorned with soaring skyscrapers standing as a testimony of the city’s development and modernization. The city is full of rags to riches stories and home to the biggest industrialists, actors, and politicians. The rich historical heritage of Mumbai can be experienced by visiting many of the city’s architectural marvels. Mumbai is also quite popular for its street food and we have put together a list of some of these tasty delights for you to taste when you are in the city.

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Vada Pav

The poor man’s burger tops the list as one of the most favorite street foods in Mumbai. A sliced bun stuffed with mashed potatoes is eaten with some spicy chutney. The Vada Pav is sold in almost every corner of the city and will certainly satiate your appetite after a long day’s work.

Pav Bhaji

A mixture of vegetables cooked with some herbs and spices is served along with a buttery bun and a dash of lemon is added to the dish to give it a tangy flavor. The dish is finger-licking delicious and you would have to hit the gym to burn those extra calories after you have had few of them.

Bhel Puri

This dish, in particular, is quite famous among the Mumbaikars. A combination of puffed rice, vegetables, and some tamarind sauce packs quite the punch when it comes to flavors. This light snack is a low-calorie dish that can be consumed at any time of the day and people prefer to eat while they are on the go.

Batata means potatoes in Portuguese, potatoes were introduced by the Portuguese to the Indians. This is a deep-fried potato mash coated with chickpeas served with some spicy chutney. Batata Vada is an essential part of the Maharashtrian cuisine and one can easily get a hold of this delicious dish as it is sold almost everywhere in Mumbai.

The Bombay Sandwich

The well-buttered slices of bread are stuffed with Beetroot, Cucumber, Onion rings and the dish is served with some mint chutney. The Bombay sandwich is quite popular among the students and professionals who would rather not spend a lot of time waiting for their meal.


Bombay is a haven for foodies who would like to try something new every day. The city offers a wide variety of mouth-watering delights and if you are looking for a place to stay in Mumbai then book your stay at Fern Hotel Meluha.

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